Nexus Systems Inc. is based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and was founded in 2003.


We believe that computer systems should not be one-size-fits-all, boiler-plate mystery boxes, but that every customer deserves a computing solution as unique as themselves. Computers have, ever increasingly, become the central fixture in our homes, our businesses, and our lives. Gone are the days when computers were merely a utilitarian appliance, a glorified toaster, if you will; now, with home theater and streaming media systems, simple network storage devices, the prevalence of home wireless networks, and the advent of social networking, computers are no longer relegated to the role of just a workstation. With this new, interconnected world, computers have become the nexus around which our lives center.


We are Nexus Systems Inc. A local systems integration and technology consulting company. Our staff is familiar with all kinds of technology and its applications, and we use this knowledge to design sleek and reliable solutions for all users, large and small. Whether you need help starting out, planning an intricate upgrade, or anything else you may assistance in, we at Nexus Systems posses the knowledge and the skills to realize your vision.


We thrive on creating new solutions and the free flow of information, our culture is based on openness and creativity. We're always interested in development opportunities to create new and innovative services.


You first, solution second; these are the ideals our company was founded on, and we work each day to bring these ideals to our customers.

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